CoalitionEDU is an association of Alumni, Parents, students, and supporters of the Specialized High Schools of New York City. Our network extends to the leadership and members of Specialized High School Alumni Associations, Parent Associations and Student Organizations.

We seek to maintain the high standards of the schools and believe the current admission policy, a competitive examination, is vital to their success. We honor the almost 100 year tradition of these schools of being a pathway to success for new and urban families. Towards that end we believe that the  awareness of the existence of these schools, their rigorous admission policy and preparedness for the entrance exam is a essential factors for students who wish to seek admission.

SHSAT - We believe the SHSAT is an unbiased and objective examination and the competitive admission policy best identifies students who are prepared for a rigorous college level course of study. We feel there is a need in under-represented communities to better prepare students who have a desire to attend these schools.

NYC Specialized High Schools

Achievement - 19 Alumni Nobel Laureats, 98% graduation rate, high number accepted to Ivy Universities

Diversity - More than half of the students come from low income families and qualify for free lunch

Outreach - NYC DOE DREAM Program offers free test prep enrichment to under-privileged students starting in the 6th grade