Our Misson

We advocate on behalf of students and alumni for maintaining  high standards at these schools while promoting accessibility for all New York families that  seek a pathway to success through education.

The Specialized High School Admission Test objectively identifies students, competitively, for admission to the most successful public schools in the country.  The examination has been essential to the success of these schools for over 80  years.


Supporters of the Specialized High Schools of New York City

Yuh-line Niou and Paul Newell two of six candidates seeking nomination for the 65th Assembly District in September, a district which includes Chinatown, said they would vote to replace the SHSAT admission policy with another method. Newell cited the lack of diversity, while Niou said there should be another way.  An NYU Study cites that alternatives to the SHSAT would not only reduce the number of Asians attending these schools but also advantage wealthier students. CoalitionEDU maintains that the SHSAT is objective and unbiased and should be sustained. CoalitionEDU has advocated for greater outreach and free test prep for under-represented communities which has resulted in $17 Million in City and State funding this year.